services piano


We undertake any kind of work concerning your classical piano, grand or upright, such as tuning, regulation and fine tuning, repair of keys and mechanism, even total reconstruction. We also have the ability to install the Piano Life Saver moisture retention system as well as a Silent system for your study or your workplace, both in upright or grand pianos.

services digital pianos

Digital Pianos / Arrangers / Synthesizers / Church instruments

The knowledge on the structure and construction of a keybend, and our experience in all types of electronic repairs makes us your ideal partner in the repair of your keyboard. Specialized staff will deal with the board of your instrument and the mechanism of transmission of motion in it.

services kithares


The guitar is one of the most sensitive instruments, and the more qualitative it is, the more care it needs. Cleaning and oiling of a fretboard, polishing of frets, replacement of frets, repair of the neck, lowering the action, setting of a bridge, etc. are among the most common things a player will need to do on his guitar.

services traditional

Traditional strings

In this category we find the bouzouki, baglamas and tzouras, lutes, ouds, saz, etc. in which due to their usually handmade construction, we encounter imperfections that over time become vulnerabilities for the instrument, especially until their wood materials are stabilized. In most cases we can fully repair your instrument and adapt it to your own way of playing.

services classical

Classical strings

Here we are talking about the violin family, where a few times we will have to intervene in construction details, but the installation of a piezoelectric system and the bridge adjustment are often requested services.

services soundsystem

Sound systems / Equipment

Our specialized staff is able to repair any kind of malfunction of the electronic systems we encounter in amplifiers, speakers, consoles, mixers, home cinema, Hi-fi, pickup, and any kind of device related to sound or music. The cleaning and repair of musical equipment by a specialized technician, such as guitar controllers or Dj Equipment, is for the first time possible in Cyclades.

services rentals

Rentals of Sound Systems and Musical Instruments

Now for anything you might need at the concert or wedding you are organizing, you can ask for it from us. Sound and lighting coverage, special effects (such as fog, bubbles, smoke, etc.), musical instruments (either for use or for decoration), classic pianos, all available for rent.

services dj

Live Orchestras & DJ

As part of our service for covering and organizing events, we offer a plethora of professional musicians, forming each time an orchestra according to your requirements and musical preferences. With the right choices of professional musicians, we cover a wide repertoire range such as: Island music (Nisiotiko), Old Folk(Laiko), Modern Folk, Artistic, Traditional, Rebetiko, Cretan, Disco Foreign and Greek, Pop Foreign and Greek, Reggae, RnB, Funk and Classic Rock Greek and Foreign, with the help of a good Dj we can take your event to a higher level. Contact us by phone for a complete personalization.